The Orchard, Grantchester nr. Cambridge

This place is well-known as the previous haunt of the poet Rupert Brooke and his arty friends (including Virginia Woolf). I can just imagine them having intellectual conversations, while downing copious amounts of tea and cakes. It is still a unique location for sitting among apple trees in deck chairs and satisfying your cravings for all things sweet.

I walked to The Orchard from Cambridge with friends along the famous Grantchester Meadows on a sunny day. Lots of other people had the same idea and it was packed when we got there. Unfortunately, during days like this the idea of “polite society” quickly evaporates. We had to run to get a table in the end, while laden with a full tray of cakes and tea, after two men had previously run in front of us to get to a table first.

The Orchard is open seven days a week all year round but check for opening times around Christmas and bank holidays. Address: The Orchard Tea garden
45-47 Mill way, Grantchester, Cambridge CB3 9ND Tel: 01223 845 788

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