How to make a witch’s hat

I am taking part in a Harry Potter children’s event and need a witch’s hat, so I’ve made my own.


Step-by-step instructions for making a witch’s hat

You will need:
canvas or card
strong glue or glue gun
black material
trim or ribbon
toy spiders, to decorate

Children should be supervised by an adult, if making this project.

1. Attach a piece of string to a pencil. The length of the string needs to be half the diameter of the brim of your hat. Hold the end of the string and use it as a guide to draw a circle on a piece of canvas. Or you can use craft foam or card. Cut it out. Fold in half and cut a smaller semi-circle in the middle large enough to fit around your head. Cut notches around the centre.

2. Hold the string again at one end and draw a quarter circle on another piece of canvas and cut it out. Use parcel tape to hold a length of wire in place. The wire allows you to bend the cone of the hat and for it to stay in position. Place parcel tape along one of the straight edges and fold the canvas around to form a cone. Glue the seam in place with a glue gun or use more tape. Push the cone up through the middle of the rim of the hat and glue in place.

3. Cover the hat shape with your chosen material. Cut a strip of material and starting from the top, glue in place as you wind it around the cone. Using the brim of the hat as a guide, cut out another piece of material slightly larger than the brim. Fold it in half and make several cuts that radiate from the middle. Place the material over the cone of the hat. Trim and glue in place. Don’t worry about the edges being rough as you can glue ribbon or material as decoration for the hat but also to cover any seams.

4. Fold the edge of the material around the edge of the brim and glue in place. Cut another circle of material and glue underneath the hat. Trim the edges. Make cuts in the centre before gluing in place underneath the cone of the hat. Glue trim or ribbon to the hat, covering any rough edges, if necessary. Add a few spiders for fun and the hat is finished.


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