Make a novelty vintage suitcase giftbox Part Two

In my last post, I showed you how to make a novelty vintage suitcase gift box. In part two, I show how I decorated it in two different ways.

The mini suitcases open at the front and you can add a gift inside. I suggest you keep the colours bright. They don’t need to be a boring brown.

Novelty mini vintage suitcase by Diane Ashmore


How to decorate a novelty vintage suitcase gift box

You will need:
A mini suitcase blank, or see how to make a novelty vintage suitcase part one
White gesso primer
Acrylic paints: I used white, rose, metallic white, metallic rose, metallic emerald
Eyelet punch and eyelets (optional)
Craft glue and old paintbrush
Decorative craft paper (I used Winter Rabbit Pink from Paperchase)
Vintage baggage labels (a good source is Pinterest)
Bradawl and pearl brads
Mini adhesive gem stones
Labels, black pen and Distress Inks

I bought some of my supplies from Hobbycraft and some from Paperchase

1. Coat your suitcase blank with white gesso primer. This is optional, but I think it creates a great base to get the most out of the colour of the acrylic paints you are going to paint on top.

2. For the pink suitcase, use acrylic craft paint in Metallic Rose mixed with a little bit of Metallic White to soften the colour. Add rose acrylic paint to the corners.

3. Paint the straps and the handle of the suitcase with white acrylic paint and then add white metallic acrylic paint.

4. When the first layers are dry, give the suitcase a second layer of metallic white to soften the colours and add some variation to the texture of the surface. Add rose acrylic paint to add shading to the edges.This is optional.

5. Apply a layer of craft glue to the inside of the suitcase, before adding craft paper in complementary colours.Trim the edges of the paper and add another layer of glue on top.

6. Find some free vintage baggage labels, print and cut them out and glue them to the suitcase. Punch holes and added eyelets to the case straps. Punch holes with a bradawl and added pearl brads to the front of the suitcase.

7. Add faux stitching around the edges of the straps with a pen. This is optional.

8. Add mini adhesive gem stones to look like studs on the corners and on the straps of the suitcase.

9. Finally I write out a label for the suitcase with a black pen and then distress the edges with Distress Ink before attaching it to the suitcase.

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