Make a greetings card that looks like a retro television

I love the look of the old TV sets with their range of colours, such as red or white. I decided to create a card that has the shape of the TV to which you can add photos and personalise it as you wish. Using the template I’ve provided, you could make one in about 15 minutes. Go on this is your chance to have 15 minutes of fame on the ‘goggle box’.

You will need:

  • I bought my materials from Hobbycraft who are based in the UK
  • click here to download the free retro tv card template. (This template is for personal use only.)
  • craft papers of your choice (I used yellow card, check-patterned paper, and pink paper)
  • photo of your love one or pet
  • glue stick or craft glue
  • scissors
  • individual letter stamps and a black ink pad (or you could use a black pen)
  • craft foam sticky pads

1. Cut out the TV card blanks using the free retro tv card template. I chose to use yellow card. You can cut two card blanks from an A4 sheet measuring 8 1/4 by 11 3/4 inches (298 x 210mm). Fold the card in half and use a bone folder or the back of a teaspoon to create a neat crease.

2. Choose a photo of a loved one or even one of yourself and make sure it fits behind the top rectangular hole. This will form the screen of your TV. Glue the photo in place behind he hole. Make sure you are happy with the position. Trim the photo at the back by folding the edges and then cutting with a sharp pair of scissors. Make sure the photo covers the hole but does not overlap the edges of the card.

3. Use craft paper with a check or stripy pattern to cover the oval at the bottom of the card. Glue in place at the back and then fold and trim so that it doesn’t overlap. This will look like the TV’s speakers.

4. Glue in place two buttons to look like the TV’s on/off and tuning knobs (or you could draw these using a black pen). Leave to dry.

5. Cut out a heart from pink paper or card. Fold a square in half and cut half of a shape of a heart with scissors before unfolding. This will ensure that the heart is symmetrical.

6. Stamp a personal greeting on the heart. I used individual letter stamps and a black ink pad, but you could write your greeting with a black pen. Use a craft foam sticky pad to stick your greeting in place on the front the card.

A retro tv greetings card

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