What the heck is pelmet or craft interfacing?

Ever come across the term ‘pelmet or craft interfacing’ in a craft project and wondered what the heck it is? Well I’ve just come across this material and it’s great to use. I prefer fusible pelmet interfacing as it is easier to use. You can use it for making book covers as well as many other uses. I shall be using it to make handmade fabric buttons. I ordered mine from ni-noi.com, a company based in the UK.

Pelmet or craft interfacing brief description

Pelmet or craft interfacing is stronger and thicker than ordinary interfacing. You can buy it as a fusible (meaning you can iron it to bind to other materials) or as a sew-in type. Iron the fusible version on the wrong side of the fabric. You can usually tell the ‘fusible’ side by the fact it has a slightly shinier sheen. Follow the instructions that come with it for more details. If you use the sew-in kind, make sure the interfacing stays put by tacking in place using the longest stitch length on the sewing machine.

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