How to string a necklace

I wanted to use some coral beads to make a necklace for my cameo pendant. To go with them, I bought pearls, silk thread and a gold clasp and necklace ends.

Necklace by Diane Ashmore


Step-by-step instructions for stringing a necklace

You will need:
silk thread
beads (I used coral and pearl beads)
necklace ends, metal ring, pearl beads and clasps
pliers and scissors

I bought some of my supplies from

1. I threaded the beads onto the silk thread starting with a coral bead and alternating with a pearl bead until I had the length I needed.

2. I tied a knot in the thread to hold the beads in place and then added a necklace end. The end needs to go over the knot and then tightened with pliers to hold it securely.

3. I added a pearl bead to the end of the necklace for decoration and to act as a ring to hold the circle of metal I used as a fastener. If you are going to add a pearl bead, remember to put your pendant on the necklace first, before securing it.

4. I added the metal ring and closed it with pliers.

5. I did the same on the other end of the necklace but this time I added the clasp.

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