Mini retro sweet shop / candy store birthday card

I wanted to do something with a large recycled matchbox. And these cute little jars that I bought in a craft store fit quite nicely inside the box. My friend is having a birthday soon and loves sweets, so I decided to make her a mini sweet shop as a birthday card.


Step-by-step instructions for making a mini retro sweet shop

You will need:
A large matchbox
Pink tissue paper
White craft (PVA) glue and an old brush
Craft knife and cutting mat
Glitter glue
Mini glass bottles
Alphabet stamps
Craft paper in pink and pink polka dots
Distress ink
Metallic rose acrylic paint
Paint brush
Clear acetate
Double-sided sticky tape
Chipboard frame

1. Mark out three pieces of thick card the same size as the width of the matchstick box by drawing around it. Cut out the three pieces of card with a craft knife on a cutting mat.

2. Cut two pieces of thinner card the same width of the thick card but slightly longer and glue one on the bottom and one on the top with craft glue.

3. Bend the ends of the thinner card and glue them to the edges of the box in the middle.

4. Add craft foam to the sides and middle of the little shelves. Cut the craft foam to size, make sure the bottles still fit and glue them in place with craft glue.

5. Tear pink tissue paper into pieces and glue a layer onto the box to reinforce it and give it colour.

6. Open out the sleeve of the matchbox and glued polka dot craft paper onto it. Trim the edges with a craft knife. Mark out a rectangle with a pencil and ruler about 5mm or a quarter of an inch away from the edges of the front of the sleeve. Cut it out with a craft knife on a cutting mat. Add Distress Ink to the sleeve.

7. Turn the sleeve over and add double-sided sticky tape. Cut a piece of clear acetate to the size of the front of the sleeve and attach it in place with the double-sided sticky tape.

8. Use alphabet stamps and red ink to stamp out ‘Sweet Memories’ to fit within a chipboard frame painted with metallic rose acrylic paint. Glue the frame to the craft paper and then trim the edges with a craft knife on a cutting mat. Add two gemstones and glue in place on the front of the sleeve. Use double-sided sticky tape to glue the sleeve back together.

9. Add tiny sweets or candy to the little bottles and decorate them with bows. Make little labels with ‘Happy Birthday’ or your chosen sentiment. Then put the little bottles in their made to measure box and place the sleeve back on top. Add a message to the back of the box and then the birthday card or little gift box is ready.

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