How to make magic potion jars for a children’s party

Create magic potion jars for a children’s themed Harry Potter, fairy tale or magical party. Or with adult supervision, get the kids to decorate their own jars.


Step-by-step instructions for making a potion jars

You will need:
recycled jars in various sizes
potion labels, I downloaded mine from
white craft glue
Distress inks
labels, inkpad and alphabet stamps (optional)
gold ribbon (optional)
metallic craft paints and paint brush
shredded tissue paper
ladybirds and paper butterflies (optional)

1. You will need to wash and remove the labels from a selection of jars. Don’t worry if some of the label remains attached to the jar. You are going to cover it.

2. Download and print out labels. I got mine from

3. Cut out the label and make sure it is the right length to wrap around the jar.

4. Glue the label to the jar.

5. Go around the edge of the label with Distress inks.

6. Use shredded tissue paper in a bright colour as a filling for your jar.

7. Create a label (optional) with a tag, ink pad and alphabet stamps. Add Distress ink to the edges and attach to the jar with gold ribbon. I also added ladybirds and butterflies to the lids of the jars (optional) or decorate them as you wish.

Magic potion jars by Diane Ashmore

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