Make a handmade envelope with a CD as a template

I made this handmade envelope for my friend’s birthday. I used a CD as a template. It’s easy to make and you can personalise it as you wish. I used recycled materials from a shopping bag and off-cuts from previous projects.

Children must be supervised if making this project. Please note this envelope is not suitable for mailing.


Transcript of video for making a hand-made CD envelope

You will need:
craft paper, or I recycled a shopping bag
black pen
old CD or DVD
craft knife and cutting mat
white craft glue and an old brush
glitter card
embellishments of your choice
hole punch and eyelets
pink ribbon

You will need to draw around an old CD or DVD four times on the back of your chosen craft paper.

You can cut the circles out with scissors, or you can do as I”m doing here. Use the CD as a guide to cut around with a craft knife on a cutting mat.

When you have four circles of paper, you need to fold them in half.

Overlap the circles to meet in the middle and glue them together. This is your basic envelope. You can use the envelope like this, but I wanted to create a more interesting lining.

When the circles were dry after I glued them together, I put glue on the back and attached them to the back of some silver glitter paper. This is optional, but I love the result and it makes the envelope more sturdy.

Cut around the edges of the circles, with scissors or use the CD again to guide a craft knife on a cutting mat for a neat edge.

Fold the edges with a bone folder to create a square envelope with circular edges.

You can personalise the envelope as you wish. I wrote Happy Birthday on pink paper and stuck it behind a decorative border, before trimming the edges. I then glued it to the back of the envelope and left it to dry.

I added two rose embelishments that I’ve had in my craft paper collection for quite a while now. For a list of materials, see the links below or visit my website

I added eyelets to two sides of the envelope using my Crop-a-dile. This is one of my favourite craft tools. You punch the holes first and then add the eyelets afterwards.

I threaded pink ribbon through the holes and then my envelope was finished. This envelope is not suitable for mailing because of the embellishments. You would need to keep it flat for that.

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