Make a cute handbag keyring from felt

I love this felt handbag keyring so much I thought I’d share it. I won’t be losing my key again that’s for sure. With just a few hand stitches, you can create one in minutes.


Step-by-step instructions for making a felt handbag keyring

You will need:
pen and paper
felt in purple, red and pink
embroidery thread in red and white
pearl and red buttons
toy stuffing and knitting needle (optional)
red ribbon

1. Draw a small template of a handbag shape and cut it out. Be careful when cutting around the handle that you don’t cut yourself with the scissors.

2. Place the template on top of a folded piece of purple felt, draw around it, before cutting out two handbag shapes with scissors. To cut out the inside of the handle, pierce the felt first before cutting it out. Be careful not to cut yourself. Children are not advised to do this without adult supervision.

3. Next cut out a pink and a red heart in felt. Place the red heart on top of one of the felt shapes and sew it in place with running stitch, using white embroidery thread. Do the same with the pink heart on top of the other felt handbag shape, this time using red embroidery thread.

4. Sew a pearl button to the centre of the red heart, using white embroidery thread. Sew a red button to the centre of the pink heart.

5. Place the two halves together, making sure they are the right way around, before starting to sew blanket stitch in white embroidery thread around the inside of the handle.

6. For blanket stitch, tie a knot at the end of the embroidery thread. Bring the needle to the front and trim off any excess. Push the needle through the two pieces of felt to the right of your first stitch. Before you bring the needle out at the back, wrap the thread around it and pull.Continue with blanket stitch around the edge of the handle. Sew the outside edges of the handbag together with blanket stitch, but leave the bottom edge open.

7. Use toy stuffing to fill the bag and use a knitting needle, if necessary, to push the stuffing to the top. Stitch the bottom of the handbag closed with blanket stitch.

8. Make a bow at the top of the bag from red ribbon. Make sure to include the keyring into the top of the bow. Stitch the bow in place with red embroidery thread. Add your key and the keyring is ready to use.

Felt handbag keyring by Diane Ashmore

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