Make a Gothic horror birthday card / box

In celebration of Halloween and with a little bit of Gothic Horror, I’ve made a birthday card with a difference. It’s for a friend who loves the horror genre and has a wicked sense of humour.


Step-by-step instructions for making a goth horror birthday card / box

You will need:
Small box lid, (I used the lid of Cook’s Matches box)
Foam board
Craft knife and cutting mat
White craft glue (PVA) and old brush
Glue gun
Tissue paper (red)
Green craft paper (I used Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Nostalgic Collection)
Red adhesive gemstones
Silver pen
Small silver brads and bradawl
Red cord
Miniature skeleton (I bought mine from Ebay)
Alphabet stamps and thick paper
Distress Ink
Decorative border downloaded from

1. Reinforce a matchstick box lid with foam board. Glue a layer of tissue paper all over, using watered down craft glue.

2. Cut two boards to create a front and side cover. Glue green craft paper to the boards. Next add hinges.

3. Cover the box with the same green craft paper to match. Add a layer of red tissue paper to the inside.

4. Using an alphabet stamp set, stamp the title for the front cover. Go around the edges with Distress Ink. Stamp the greeting that the little skeleton is going to hold. Glue the title to the front cover.

5. Add red gem stones to the corners. Attach brads to the corners of the title. With a silver pen, draw motifs at the corners and around the title of the cover. Add red paper to the back of the front cover.

6. Glue the little skeleton inside with the greeting. Glue everything together with the glue gun, add a red cord fastener and a decorative border to the inside front cover.

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