Part two: How to decorate a fairy house

In part one, I showed how to make the fairy house from a recycled hot chocolate container. Here I show how I decorated it.

Children should be supervised if making this project, especially with the glue gun and any cutting with scissors or a craft knife.


Step-by-step instructions for decorating a fairy house

You will need:
fairy house
acrylic or craft paints, yellow, orange and purple
paint brushes
glue gun
embellishments, such as paper flowers, ribbons and beads

1. Paint the roof with yellow acrylic paint or craft paint. Add texture using orange acrylic paint and a dry brush. Leave the roof to dry while you paint the bottom half of the fairy house.

2. Paint the door yellow. Use a contrasting colour, such as purple for the rest of the base of the house. Go around the edges of the door and windows with orange paint to make them stand out. Add texture to the door, using a thin layer of orange paint and a dry brush. Add a layer of yellow paint to the windows, continuing around the base of the house to bring out the texture of the materials. This prevents the colours from looking too flat.

3. Stamp ‘Welcome’ onto a tag using black ink and alphabet stamps. Cut the tag in the shape of a sign to hang on the front door. Then rough with edges with your fingers or a tool, if you have one. Use distress ink around the edges of the little sign. Go over the lettering again with a black pen, if necessary. Add a border and draw small circles to look like nails.

4. Using the string from the tag, cut it and glue behind the sign. Glue the sign to the door, making sure you are happy with the position before the glue sets. Trim the ends of the string, if necessary.

5. Decorate the roof with ribbons, beads and paper flowers. Glue mushrooms, or embellishments of your choice around the sides of the door. Glue short pieces of string in the shape of a cross to the centre of the windows.Add finishing touches with white and black paint.

6. As well as creating the Welcome sign, I also made a signpost for fun. I’ve always wanted my own little studio in the garden, so here is a miniature version instead.

Fairy House made from recycled container by Diane Ashmore

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