How to make a fabric flower

These fabric flowers are addictive to make. Once you’ve made one, you’ll want to make lots more. You can use these fabric flowers on scrapbooking projects as embellishments on sewing projects or to use on greetings cards.

Fabric flowers


How to make a fabric flower

You will need:
5×5-cm (2×2-inch) square pieces of fabric in various colours
Needle and thread
Wooden button
Circle of cardboard, smaller in diameter than your finished flower
Glue suitable for gluing fabric and paper

I bought some of my supplies from Hobbycraft and some from Paperchase

1. Fold one of the square pieces of fabric diagonally to look like a triangle. Sew running stitch along the edges of the open ends. Pull the thread until the fabric gathers and begins to look like a petal.

2. Do the same again with the next square of fabric, alternating the colours.
Join the petals together by pulling the thread and stitching along the next piece of fabric until all the petals are sewn together.

3. When you’ve sewn all the petals together, sew or glue a button to the middle.

4. Cut out a circle of cardboard and glue the fabric flower to it. This is optional but it makes it easier to glue the flower to your scrapbooking or greetings card project.

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