How to make a fabric flower card

I decided to make a card from scraps of fabric and the fabric flowers I showed you how to make in an earlier post.


Fabric flower card by Diane Ashmore

How to make a fabric flower card

You will need:
12.5×15 cm (10×12 inch) piece of corrugated card folded
Green and yellow card
Ribbons and scraps of fabric
Black pen
Glue suitable for gluing fabric and paper

I bought some of my supplies from Hobbycraft and some from Paperchase

1. You will need to make a card blank. I used thick corrugated card cut from a cardboard box and scored and folded it down the middle. The size of the folded card is about five inches by six inches or 12.5cm by 15cm, or you can use any card that you like.

2. Next I coated it with white glue before sticking yellow card onto it. When the glue was dry, I trimmed the edges using a craft knife on a cutting mat.

3. I did the same on the other side of the card blank but this time I used green card.

4. I drew the leaves and stem of the flowers onto the front of the card.

5. Using a craft knife on a cutting mat, I cut away the background to leave just the silhouette of the flowers.

6. I traced the shape of the leaves onto green felt and cut them out.

7. For the second set of leaves, I used yellow felt to contrast with the green.

8. I glued two pieces of ribbon onto the stems. Next I glued a strip of fabric to the bottom and then glued the felt leaves in place.

9. I glued fabric flowers to the top of the stems. To find out how I made the fabric flowers, see my previous video.

10. Finally I sewed running stitch along the centre of the leaves. I punched holes with a bradawl first to make it easier.

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