Make an envelope with a string and washer fastener

This envelope with it’s cute string fastener is so easy to make and can be used again and again. You can transform an old envelope, by unsticking it along its seams and using it as a template.

You will need:

  • I bought most of my materials from Hobbycraft and Paperchase who are based in the UK, with some exceptions as listed below
  • old envelope of a suitable size and shape
  • craft papers of your choice, preferably with a pattern on both sides (I used papers supplied in the magazine Papercrafter)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • card in a contrasting colour to the craft paper
  • eyelets and eyelet setting tool (I used a Crop-A-Dile Eyelet & Snap Punch)
  • double-sided sticky tape
  • card or notelet
  • rubber stamp and inkpad (optional)
  • paper thread, or string

1. Take your chosen old envelope and flatten it out by undoing the seams.You can now use it as a template.

2. Place the envelope on top up your chosen patterned craft paper and draw around it. When you’ve done
this, cut it out.

3. Once you’ve cut it out, refold it as per the original envelope, using a bone folder or back of an old teaspoon.

4. Then you will need two small circles of card (I chose to cut out two small flower shapes in card). I used a punch to do this, but you could draw around a penny and cut it out.

5. Place the card circles or flowers in position on the envelope. One needs to be on the flap, the other in the centre of the back of the envelope. Mark with a pencil where you need to punch a hole and set the eyelets. Punch holes where you’ve marked, on the centre of the flower shapes or circles and on the envelope.

6. Next you will need to insert an eyelet. I’ve used a Crop-a-dile tool to set the eyelet. Do this on the flap and on the middle of the envelope. It’s best to do this before you glue the envelope together because it makes it a lot easier.

7. Refold the envelope and it’s ready to add the double-sided sticky tape. Glue all along the seams of the envelope.

8. Now your envelope is ready, add your note. I decided to stamp a message on a piece of card. Place the card inside your envelope and then you can tie the fastener with a small piece of string, using a figure of eight motion.

Craft envelope with string fastener

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