Use decoupage for a Christmas gift box

Using decoupage and paints, you can create a unique Christmas gift box. And napkins are a very affordable way to do this. Buy ones that are 3-ply and just use the top layer.

Children must be supervised if making this project.


Transcript of video for making a decoupage Christmas gift box

You will need:
a small cardboard box for recycling, any size will do to fit your gift
textured tissue paper (optional)
white gesso (optional)
3-ply napkins
white craft glue
old paintbrush
a selection of acrylic paints in red, white and gold
raffia or ribbon
pages from an old music score
distress ink, inkpad, stamps and accessories (optional)

Transform an old box into this Christmas gift box, using decoupage and paints.

I glued on pieces of textured tissue paper and then used gesso to paint it white. This is optional. Just remember that whatever is underneath can show through.

Cut or tear the napkin into the desired shape. Use water and a paintbrush to create a line to tear along.

Separate the layers so that you are only left with the top layer.

Lay the napkin with the front facing down onto a piece of cling film (plastic wrap) and paint the back of the napkin with a layer of watered down glue.

Transfer the napkin to the box using the cling film or plastic wrap to position it and smooth out the wrinkles. This makes it easier to position the napkin without tearing it.

I was aiming for a rough, textured look so I wasn’t too concerned about being precise or smooth.

I added snowflakes from the napkin to the top of the box. Again I wasn’t being too precise about this.

Next, I used red paint to go around the edges of the napkins. Use a dry brush and small amounts of paint to bring out the texture of the box.

Adding paint is also a good way of going over any areas where parts of the napkin have torn and left gaps.

To decorate the top of the box, I created a holly leaf template from a scrap of paper and cut it out.

I drew around the holly leaf onto a page folded in half from an old music score book. This is optional. You could use any craft paper of your choice. Then cut it out and punch a hole at the top of each holly leaf.

Go around the edges with distress ink and stamp a greeting (again this is optional).

I tied raffia around the lid of the box and then threaded the holly leaves onto it and tied a bow to finish.

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