Make a personalised craft paper handmade envelope

Hand-made birthday envelope by Diane Ashmore
It’s my friend’s birthday soon and I’m making a hand-made envelope to present her with a gift voucher. It’s easy to make and I’ll show you how.

Children must be supervised if making this project. PLEASE NOTE THIS ENVELOPE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR MAILING.


Transcript of video for making a hand-made craft paper envelope

You will need:
plain envelope, size of your choice
craft paper, at least an inch (2.5cm) wider all around than the flattened, unfolded size of your envelope
white (PVA) glue and old paintbrush
pigment ink
embossing powders (optional)
heat gun
heart embellishments, or a button
paper embellishment, in any size or choice of colour
craft knife and cutting mat
Distress ink and fine paintbrush
paper flower
pearl brad

Find a plain envelope the right size and unseal the edges. You’ll be using this as your template.

You may have seen me use this technique before, but the difference here is to glue the envelope to the back of the craft paper and leave to dry. Make sure to glue to the back of your craft paper and not the wrong way around.

When dry, cut around the edges of the original envelope. Fold the envelope along the original envelope’s fold lines.

The next step is optional. Add ink to the edge of the flap. Sprinkle over embossing powder and use a heat gun to seal. This adds a lovely shimmery edge to the flap of the envelope.

Next glue along the edges of the envelope and re-seal. Leave to dry. This is your basic envelope ready to be decorated.

I chose to decorate my envelope using raffia and a heart embellishment. You could also use string and a button or even ribbon. It’s up to you how you personalize the envelope.

I threaded the raffia through the two heart embellishments and made sure the raffia was long enough to go around the envelope. Next, glue the raffia in place using craft glue. Cut the ends of the raffia leaving two ends long enough to tie a bow.

Glue another length of raffia lengthways around the envelope to make the envelope look like a small parcel, but don’t leave any ends this time just glue it flat.

Now to decorate the front of the envelope. I decided to use the border of a paper embellishment I had in my craft supplies. I cut out the oval centre using a craft knife on a cutting mat. I chose another piece of shimmery blue paper to add the sentiment. I stamped the sentiment using alphabet stamps and embossed the letters. As you can see the letters weren’t perfect but I was going for a vintage look. Glue the paper underneath the border and trim around the edges.

I added Distress ink using a paint brush. I find this works better for more delicate embellishments. I wanted to add a splash of contrasting colour, so I chose to add a pink paper flower with a large white pearl brad as a centre. I glued the embellishment to the centre of the front of the envelope, using sticky foam fixers. This gave the envelope and embellishment a sense of depth and texture.

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