How to create chipboard letters in any style

Here’s how to make your own lettering for scrapbooking or collage in a typeface of your choice. See my next few posts about creating a Folk art style painting for what I’m going to do with mine.

Children must be supervised if making this project.


Step-by-step instructions for making chipboard letters

You will need:
printout of letters
craft glue
thick card (but not too thick to cut through)
craft knife and cutting mat
white gesso
gold metallic paint

1. Print out your chosen letters on ordinary paper. I downloaded a font called DK Jambo from (donation needed for commercial use, but free for personal use see terms and conditions) and printed out the letters using a wordprocessing program. Choose a typeface that is bold and easy to cut around.

2. Glue the letters onto card that is thick but not too difficult to cut. I reused the sides of a cardboard box. Leave to dry.

3. Cut around the edges of the letters with a craft knife on a cutting mat or use scissors, if this is easier. Children should be supervised.

4. Once you’ve cut them all out, paint the letters with white gesso or paint. Leave to dry.

5. Paint them with gold metallic paint or a colour of your choice. I used two coats of paint.

6. When dry, your letters are ready to be glued to a background in a contrasting colour.

Sweet dreams letters by Diane Ashmore

Sweet dreams letters by Diane Ashmore


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