Make a greetings card with a cute cat – free template

I made a greetings card with a guitar-playing dog recently, so I thought I’d make a cat card to go with it. You can make it in 10 minutes from the free template.

You will need:

  • I bought my materials from Hobbycraft who are based in the UK
  • click here to download the free cat card template. (This template is for personal use only.)
  • craft papers of your choice (I used blue, red and yellow)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • bradawl and cutting mat
  • brads
  • craft foam sticky pads
  • black pen
  • card blank and envelope (I used A6 size)

1. Download the free cat card template. (This template is for personal use only.) Then cut the body from blue card, the ears from yellow card, the tail from red card,and the paws from red card, again. Or you can choose any colour of card that you like.

2. With a glue stick, attach the ears to the top of the head at the back. Attach the tail at the back at the bottom of the body.

3.Place the paws in position on the front of the body. Then using a bradawl on a cutting mat,pierce holes through the top of the arms and through the body.

4. Next insert two brads into the tops of the arms. Make sure you secure it at the back and do the same for the other side.Your cat will now have two moveable arms.

5. Cut a heart from yellow card and with a craft foam sticky pad stick in place on front of the body. Move the paws so that they look like they are holding the heart. With a black pen, draw on two eyes a nose and a mouth.

6. Cover the back of the cat with glue. I used a glue stick. Then attach the cat to the front of your card blank.

Finished cat greetings card

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