Make a book treasure box for your secret treasures

A book treasure box is a great way of storing your precious trinkets and is easier to make than it looks. Take a look at my video to find out how to make a book treasure box.

Where I got my materials from

Craft paper from Paperchase, Tottenham Court Road, London and cord and ribbon from Hobbycraft
Wallpaper (Bee) to cover interior of box from
Inkpad and Dovecraft Alphabet Stamp set from Blade Rubber Stamp, Bloomsbury, London
All other materials are reused materials (cardboard box, shoebox and old pair of jeans)

You will need

  • book board, or the card from the back of an old sketchbook or notepad or any thick card
  • ruler and pencil
  • craft knife or scissors
  • shoe box lid
  • Decorative paper (approx 4 x A4 sheets, depending on size of box)
  • Denim material (I used denim from an old pair of jeans)
  • Decorative brads
  • Lettering stamps and inkpad
  • Ribbon or cord
  • Book corners and pliers (optional)
  1. Take the shoebox lid and cut it in half along the longest length. Shoeboxes vary in size, but this one when cut in half has the following dimensions: 4cm (1 1/2 inches) in depth, 18cm (7 inches) long, and 11.5cm (4 1/2 inches) wide. You will need to cut and fold up the open side and glue in place. Line the box. I used wallpaper.
  2. Cut three pieces of thick card. One piece needs to be the same size as the depth of the box and 2 cm (1 inch) longer than the length of the box. For this box, it needs to be 4cm (1 1/2 inch) by 21cm (8 inches) but your box may be a different size. The other two pieces need to be 2cm (1 inch) longer and wider than the length and width of your box. For this box, they need to be 13.5cm (6 inches) by 21cm (8 inches).
  3. Cover the two larger pieces of card with decorative craft paper. Cut two pieces of craft paper, 2cm (1inch) longer and wider than the card. Add glue to the back of the craft paper, place the card in the centre. Cut off the corners and wrap the paper around the edges.
  4. Use a piece of material to cover the spine and attach the front and back cover to the spine. I used denim, from an old pair of jeans. Fold over the edges of the denim and glue, then glue to the spine and to the longest edge of the front and back cover. Remember to leave a gap of about 0.5cm (1/4 inch) between the cover and the spine. Add brads or decorative stitches, or leave blank.
  5. Line the inside of the cover with craft paper of a contrasting colour. It needs to be slightly smaller than the size of the cover. To save on paper, cut enough paper to cover around the edge of where the box will eventually be glued.
  6. Cut holes at the edges of the cover and at intervals through the middle of the cover. Thread the ribbon through the holes.
  7. Glue the box to the back cover and to the spine.
  8. Use stamps and an ink pad to create the title for your book box on a square piece of paper. Attach to the front with glue or use brads. Add book corners, if liked.

Book treasure boxes

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The book boxes can be stacked on a shelf.

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