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Memories from my sketchbook part II

sketch of back yardHere’s another of my sketches.This is a tree I drew in the rain near Frenchman’s Creek. It brings back memories of seeing the rain splash off my sketchbook making the drawing a little blurry. It was fun to spend a whole afternoon making sketches.

I used Inktense pencils, which have the vibrancy of ink and can be mixed with water or used on their own…Read more about memories from my sketchbook Read more…

What is a good alternative to using black paint for watercolours?

If you’ve ever had any art lessons, you may have been told never to use black for adding darker tones. However, you may not have been told why or what to use instead. I would never recommend that you ban any color from your palette. If you want to use it, then use it. Black does tend to suck all the light in and create a stark effect. It is a very strong color, so use it where a strong effect or contrast is wanted. However, for a more subtle option, there are alternatives to black that you can use instead.Read more about using an alternative to black paint… Read more…

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