The Artist’s Handbook, Ray Smith

Marks out of ten: 9/10
The Artist’s Handbook, by Ray Smith, is now in its 3rd Edition, a testimony to its usefulness for students, aspiring artists and for those wanting a general overview of the many art, photography and printing techniques that can be undertaken. A well-thumbed copy has sat on my bookshelf for many years and I have referred to it for advice on: materials, supports and grounds, drawing, painting, printmaking, digital media and photography, applied techniques, conservation and framing, and health and safety advice.

The Artist’s Handbook includes an historical explanation of a material or technique, gives examples from well-known artists and has useful illustrations of the described techniques.

The author, Ray Smith, has been a visiting lecturer at many art schools and certainly knows his stuff. He has written and illustrated award-winning books that have been published worldwide.

I recommend The Artist’s Handbook for those wanting to explore the many art techniques that they can try, as a gift for artistic friends, or for those who appreciate art and want to understand more about how an artwork was created.

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