Add Tea and Sympathy to your recipe journal

In my previous posts, I decorated the cover, title page, and contents pages of my recipe journal. I also created dividers. Now that the recipe journal has some structure, I’m going to start to add my favourite recipes.

The first recipe to add to the drinks section is Tea. I know this is not really a recipe but as my favourite drink, I thought it should have the honour of being my first entry. It’s also listed as a recipe in Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management, a copy of which I like to keep on the shelf and refer to now and then. I love traditional recipes.

For this project, I was able to use up old scraps of craft paper and a stash of tags, so I was quite pleased that I didn’t need to buy anything. For a list of materials see below.


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Recipe journal: Tea and sympathy

You will need:
Kraft cream page scrapbook (I bought mine from Paperchase)
Scraps of craft paper and ribbons in pastels and polka-dot colours
6 Tags
Pencil and eraser
Watercolour paper, or thick cartridge paper
Gel medium and old paintbrush
InkTense pencils
Fine paintbrush and water
Black drawing pen
White gel pen
Distress ink
Foam sticky pads

I bought some of my supplies from Hobbycraft and some from Paperchase

Step-by-step instructions for making the tea recipe page

      1. To make the background, glue two squares of craft paper to the scrapbook. Go over the top with a layer of gel medium and leave to dry.
      2. Add more colour around the edges using pink, yellow, and blue gelatos. Blend the colours using a baby wipe.
      3. Cover three parcel tags with squares of craft paper cut to fit about 3 mm or about an eighth of an inch smaller than the front of the tag. Use three contrasting colours.
      4. Measure and cut a curved shape to fit in the middle of the tags. Glue them on top of the tags before trimming the edges.
      5. Use stamps to stamp two teacups and a teapot onto watercolour paper with archival black ink. Use gelatos, water and a watercolour paintbrush to add colour. Cut the teacups and teapot out with a pair of scissors.
      6. With a black pen, write the words ‘TEA FOR TWO’ on pastel-coloured craft paper. Cut out the background with scissors.

      7. Glue everything in place on the tags using gel medium. When the tags are dry, add a dotted line around the edge as a decorative border with a black pen.

      8. Glue polka-dot paper to the middle of three more tags. Write the recipe on them using black pen. Add Distress Ink around the edges of the tags.
      9. Draw an outline of teacups and a teaspoon with a pencil on watercolour paper and go over it with a black pen. Alternatively, cut out a picture from a magazine and glue in place with gel medium.
      10. Use InkTense pencils, a watercolour brush and water to add colour. Do the same for the teaspoon. Cut out the teacups and teaspoon with a craft knife on a cutting mat.
      11. Cut out the word ‘TEA’ from craft paper and glue it in place using gel medium. Add paper thread and/or ribbon in pastel colours to the tags.
      12. Using double-sided sticky foam pads, glue the tags in place.
      13. Add hand lettering with a black pen to read: “Sometimes all we need is tea and sympathy.”
      14. Use a pink gelato, a brush and water to add more colour, before adding more detail with a white gel pen.

Recipe journal: Tea and sympathy

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I stamped the image of a teapot onto the front of the tag and added colour with gelatos.

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