Recipe journal: Feel the joy of Strawberry Cupcakes

In recent posts, I talked about creating a recipe journal. So far, I’ve decorated the recipe journal cover, created contents lists, section dividers and even section pages for Drinks, Tasty Dishes and Sugar and Spice.

I wrote the recipe on eight cupcakes and the ingredients on a teapot and teacup that I drew first with a black pen, added colour with InkTense pencils and cut out. It’s a very simple idea that looks effective.

You can also download a pdf of the recipe by clicking on the link: Strawberry Cupcake recipe

Strawberry Cupcake recipe


For the complete playlist of my recipe journal go here: Recipe Journal YouTube playlist

Step-by-step instructions for making a recipe layout for strawberry cupcakes

You will need:
Kraft cream page scrapbook (I bought mine from Paperchase)
Gel medium and an old paintbrush (or craft glue)
Craft paper in various colours, I used pink and yellow patterned paper
Pencil and eraser
Craft knife and cutting mat
InkTense pencils
Black pen
Alphabet Stickers in pink and purple polka-dot

I bought some of my supplies from Hobbycraft and some from Paperchase

      1. Glue squares of craft paper to your scrapbook using gel medium. Add colour with gelatos and a baby wipe.
      2. To create the teapot, teacup and cakes, draw a rough outline in pencil first and then go over the lines with a black pen.
      3. Add colour using Inktense pencils, water and a paintbrush. Cut out all the shapes with scissors.
      4. Write the recipe on top of the shapes with a black pen. Draw a rough outline in pencil first to make sure it all fits.
      5. Use Alphabet Stickers for the title. They have a plastic backing that you can peel off and stick on. Cut them out first on their backing to make sure you are happy with the layout. Peel off the backing then stick them in place.
      6. Glue the teapot, teacup and cakes in place, using gel medium.
      Add more colour with gelatos, Inktense pencils, a paintbrush and water.
      7. Use glitter glue to add a final sparkle and draw in some small strawberries around the title. The recipe is now complete.

Strawberry Cupcakes Title

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I bought glue on letters to create the title in polka dot red and purple.

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