Recipe journal featuring paper cutting art

Today I’m adding a page to my recipe journal to mark a section called ‘Drinks’. It’s created using a paper-cutting technique.

In a previous video I made the cover to look like chalkboard art.

I decided to divide the recipe book into three sections leaving two pages at the front that I’m going to decorate later.

The page I’m showing today is entirely cut from a piece of white card glued onto a red background. This is known as paper cutting art. I’ve never tried this before, so my design is very simple. I know that there are artists who create wonderful much more intricate designs, such as Rob Ryan, but if this is your first time at trying this I would keep it simple too or use a ready-made template.

Paper cutting creates a very bold design

    You will need:

  • Pencil and paper
  • Stapler
  • White and red card (I bought mine from Paperchase
  • Craft knife and cutting mat

1. First of all I created a template. You can either draw a template or use a ready-made one that you can buy. I like to use a layout pad to sketch out design and here I’ve used one to create my own template.

2. It’s a good idea to mark the size of your template first. Pencil in the borders and mark out where you are going to draw the letters. When marking out the letters remember that a letter ‘I’ for example, is a lot thinner than other letters such as a ‘D’.

3. Draw your design free-hand using the lines you’ve just drawn as a guide. Remember that when you draw a template for paper-cutting, you need to create elements that all link together otherwise when you cut out the paper it won’t stay together as one piece, which is not what you want for this technique. I used connecting motifs such as hearts and flowers.

(I deliberately created a design that would be easy to cut out as this is the first time I’ve tried to do this. If you’ve not tried this before and would like to try it, use a very simple design or a ready-made template.)

4. Go over the lines with a black pen to neaten it all up and make everything clearer.

5. Shade in all the areas to make it clear what you need to cut out. Remember, you should only cut out the shaded area for your design to work.

6. Photocopy the design (just in case you make a mistake) and then staple it to the top of a piece of card. Make sure the card is not too thick as this will make it difficult to cut with a craft knife.

7. Cut the shaded areas out with a craft knife on a cutting mat.

8. Measure a background using card of a contrasting colour and then glue the white paper-cut on top before gluing everything to the recipe journal.

The Drinks section of my recipe journal

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I’ve divided my recipe journal into sections and I decorated the ‘drinks’ section using a paper cutting technique.

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