Add a creatively fishy layout to your recipe scrapbook

I’ve added a Fish Pie recipe to my recipe journal and wanted to show a creative way of designing a layout with background shapes that relate to the recipe.

I love this recipe as it’s really easy to make and you can substitute different types of fish, vegetables and herbs according to your tastes. You can also download a pdf by clicking on the link: Fish Pie recipe

Recipe Journal: Fish Pie layout created by D Ashmore


For the complete playlist of my recipe journal go here: Recipe Journal YouTube playlist

You will need:
Kraft cream page scrapbook (I bought mine from Paperchase)
Gel medium and an old paintbrush (or craft glue)
Craft paper in various colours, I used various pastel shades and patterned papers and recycled materials from packaging
Pencil and eraser
Craft knife and cutting mat
Brads and a bradawl (optional)
Black pen
White gel pen
Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Worn Lipstick and Tea Dye

I bought some of my supplies from Hobbycraft and some from Paperchase

Step-by-step instructions for making a recipe layout with a fish theme

1. Glue two pieces of craft paper in contrasting colours to the scrapbook.

2. Using a scrap of card (I used a piece of card cut from the top of a box of chocolates), create the title of your fish related recipe in handlettering using a black pen. My recipe is for Fish Pie. Fill in the lettering with a white gel pen.

3. Draw a template of a fish first and use this to draw around onto card to create three fish shapes. Cut them out with scissors.

4. Using gel medium, glue patterned craft paper on top and turning them over trim around the edge with scissors or a craft knife on a cutting mat.

NB. Take care when using the craft knife or the scissors.

5. Using the template as a guide, cut out the shape of a head from another piece of craft paper and another two pieces for the tail of the fish. Glue the paper on top and then trim it from the back. This is an easier way of aligning the paper. Do the same for the other fish but use paper with varying textures.

6. Cut out two small circles and glue them as eyes onto the fish. Attach brads in a contrasting colour, piercing the holes with a bradawl first.

7. Draw the shapes of pans in pencil then go over the line with a black pen, before cutting them out with scissors.

8. Do the same for the casserole dish, but use a different coloured background (I used blue). Now everything is ready to add the recipe.

9. Write your ingredients list onto the three fish shapes with a black pen.

10. Write the method onto the pans and casserole dish.

11. Glue everything to the background with gel medium, adding a layer a top. Add a brad in the shape of a fish to the title (optional).

12. Use double-sided sticky foam pads to attach the fish.

13. Add more lettering and images of the ingredients to the background with a white gel pen. If you don’t want to draw anything, you could collage images from magazines instead.

14. Add the step numbers to the handles of the pans and the rim of the casserole dish in red pen, before adding more details to the fish with a white gel pen.

15. Add Distress Ink around the edges of the pages and elements, such as the fish. Blend the ink with a cloth or a blending tool.

Recipe Journal: Ingredients written on fish shapes, created by D Ashmore

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I created the three fish in contrasting colours and used brads for the eyes.

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