Art Sketchbook cover part two: how to paint a gnome

This is part two of two posts where I show how I decorated the cover of my new sketchbook. In this post, I show how to paint a gnome and create toadstools. I created the gnome and toadstools by collaging scraps of paper together, doing a very simple drawing and adding acrylic paints.

This is a great way of recycling materials left over from other projects so is very frugal to make.

To see part one of my sketchbook cover, where I created the background and lettering go here: art journal cover part one: how to add letters

Completed cover for my sketchbook by Diane Ashmore


How to draw and paint a gnome and make toadstools

You will need:
Fabriano FatPad, A4 25 sheets, 300g/m2 (140lb) Satinata (HP)
Scraps of watercolour paper
Red, blue, white acrylic paint
Scraps of red, white, blue, yellow paper (I recycled an old painting)
Craft glue
Craft knife and cutting mat

I bought some of my supplies from Hobbycraft and some from Paperchase

1. To see how to detach the cover, create the background and create the lettering see part one of this tutorial: how to create lettering on a cover

2. To create the gnome, first of all, draw a face. Draw two curved lines to meet at the bottom and two lines going across. Then draw in a mouth, nose and eyes. Add colour with acrylic paint. Give him a pink face, white beard and rosy cheeks and outline everything with black.

3. Cut out the face with scissors and use it as a guide to draw the hat. For the hat, use a scrap of red paper or recycle an old painting.

4. Draw an outline first and then cut it out with scissors, making sure it is the right size by measuring it against the face you’ve just drawn.

5. Draw the hands, one holding a paintbrush and add colour using acrylic paints.

6. Using another scrap of blue paper from an old painting, draw and cut out some shoes. Use yellow paper to create his legs, making sure they fit the shoes.

7. Draw his body on another piece of blue paper and cut it out. Using the hands as a guide, draw and cut out some arms. Leave tabs on the hands to glue them to the back of the arms.

8. Using gel medium, glue all the pieces of collage to a scrap of cardboard.

9. Leave it all to dry and then cut it out with the craft knife on a cutting mat.

10. Cut out the tops of the toadstools from scraps of fabric backed with interfacing or you could just use craft paper. Cut out the stems of the
toadstools using yellow paper. Glue the stems to the tops of the toadstools.

11. The final stage is to position everything on the cover and glue it all together, before adding an outline with acrylic

12. Secure the ribbon in place by adding eyelets and feeding the ribbon through the holes (optional).

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