How to paint Folk Art style houses

I created two houses in Folk Art Style using acrylics and decorating them with paper thread. I shall be using the houses to create a larger Folk Art style landscape painting.

Children must be supervised if making this project.


Step-by-step instructions for painting Folk Art style houses

You will need:
canvas (I used 300g pure cotton canvas, primed with gesso first)
black pen
acrylic paints, pinks and reds
paper thread and large needle
masking tape

1. To begin, draw a very simple shape of a house onto canvas. Don’t be too perfect about this. The more childlike and imperfect the better.

2. Use acrylic paints to add colour in layers. Use a darker pink for the walls of the house and a lighter pink for the roof. For the door and windows I use crimson red.

3. Add darker tones to the windows and door with Ultramarine blue.

4. Lighten the paints with a layer of white. Apply this with a dry brush to create texture. This is also know as ‘scumbling’.

5. Continue to add layers of paint, until you are happy with the result. Add Indigo Blue around the house as a background.

6. To add texture to the painting, use blue paper thread to sew a line of decoration across the roof of the house. This is known as zig-zag stitch.

7. First of all mark where you want the stitches to go in pencil. Sew a line of diagonal lines and then go back to join them up as a zig-zag pattern.

8. Add crosses to the windows with white paper thread.

9. Secure the thread at the back. I also stuck the thread down with masking tape.

10. Create the blue house in the same way, using blue paints instead of pink, adding layers of paint until you are happy that you have created enough texture. Add white and pink paper thread as decoration on the blue house. Instead of a zig-zag stitch on the roof, I created a row of crosses for the blue house.

Folk art style houses by Diane Ashmore

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