Two cats and a shed Folk Art style painting

Take two cute cats, some paint and paper and you have a Folk Art style painting of your favourite pets.

Children must be supervised if making this project.


Transcript of video for Folk Art-style cat painting

You will need:
thick acrylic paper
primed canvas board
paint brushes in various sizes
a selection of acrylic paints in various colours
craft knife and cutting mat
white craft glue

I bought some of my supplies from Hobbycraft and some from Paperchase

I started with Max one of my friend’s cats.

First of all, I built up the layers of paint starting from black and adding lighter layers.

Adding layers of paint creates a textured effect that goes well with the simple style that I’m aiming for.

I’ve often said to Debbie that Max looks like he’s been in the wars, so I decided to paint him as Colonel Max and give him a uniform.

I created a small hat to complete his military look.

The finished Max has smaller eyes than the original drawing as I thought they were too large.

Toby the second cat has a very different personality to laid-back Max. He’s much more mischievous. However, he’s younger than Max, so I decided to make him look slightly smaller than Max and use brighter colours.

When I added his whiskers, I decided not to include the cap that I’d originally drawn in.

To create more interest at the top of the painting, I painted a red bird.

And for the bottom of the painting, I painted flower pots, a watering can and boots.

For the background, I cut out and painted a shed in two parts and glued the two pieces together.

I glued Max and Toby in place behind the shed. I created a contrasting background in pink to go behind the cats and glued it onto the reverse side of the shed and cats.

I then glued the whole thing onto a background canvas board that I’d created earlier.

I added a strip of green grass to the bottom and glued the flower pots, watering can and boots on top.

I glued on two signs that I’d made and all that was left to do was some finishing touches.

Two cats and a shed by Diane Ashmore

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