Art Journal: Down the Rabbit-hole, Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland

I made this video because I wanted to share with you an art journal I’m making, some watercolour, stamping and gilding techniques and to hopefully inspire you to to make an art journal of your own. I wanted to base it on the theme of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The reason I’m doing this is to get back into using watercolours. I haven’t painted for a long, long time. Like you, I wasn’t born knowing all this, I’ve spent many years trying to learn painting techniques and am still learning.

You can watch the full playlist for the Alice in Wonderland journal here: Alice in Wonderland Journal Playlist YouTube

For this project I used the following materials:
Watercolour Block Fabriano Artistico Extra White 12×18″ 140lb Hot Pressed (Hot Pressed means it is smooth paper)
Tracing paper and pencil
Coloured pencils
Fine black pen (that doesn’t smudge or bleed into the paper!)

For the images:
Alice in Wonderland stamps (try Etsy or Ebay for Alice stamps)
or download images for free from: John Tenniel free image download

For the watercolours:
Fine, medium and large watercolour brushes
Sponge (for creating texture)
Watercolour paints: Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Crimson, Violet, Prussian Blue
Gouache: white
Mixing palette
Two pots of water (one for cleaning brushes the other for mixing paint)

For the stamping
Clear stamps (I used a clock face design by Hampton Art)
Acrylic block
Memento ink (Paris Dusk)
Dovecraft Alphabet Stamp Set
(A good place for stamps is Blade Rubber Stamp, based in London)

For the gilding
Mega-Flake Lancashire Rose
Pan Scourer (or try the kit that IndigoBlu sell)
Chipboard clockfaces

art journal Alice in Wonderland

Art journal inspired by Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland, down the rabbit-hole.

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